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We Distinguish Between
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We Distinguish Between

when it comes to garlic preparations, we distinguish between:
1. Dry Garlic Powder
2. Garlic Oil Macerates
3. Pure Essential Oil of Garlic
(Also referred to as garlic extract, garlic bulb oil, garlic oil - see Strongus)

Garlic Dry Powder:  
3 kg fresh garlic for - 1 kg garlic dry powder

Garlic-Oil Macerate:  
1 kg fresh garlic for - 1 kg garlic-oil macerate
(Soft gelatine capsules)

Essential Garlic Oil:  
4000 kg fresh garlic for - 1 kg of essential garlic oil)
(Soft gelatine capsules - Garlic capsules - Strongus - resistant to hydrochloric acid)

Strongus with essential oil is highly dosed with 19 active agents; the minimum and most effective dosage needs only 2 mg before going to bed.

Dry Garlic Powder:  
Average dose 1350 mg /day (Kwai forte , Kyolic, Dr. Böhm, Ilja Rogoff, etc)  

Garlic-Oil Macerate: 
Average dose 4000 mg/day (Doppelherz, Klosterfrau Sanhelios, etc)

Essential Garlic Oil:  
Average dose 2 mg/day (Strongus)

Strongus-The garlic capsule

High dose of garlic capsule with highly concentrated essential garlic oil, which contains 19 garlic active ingredients
Drug-Telegram 11/98
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