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Garlic 1x1

The tip

The small garlic 1 x 1 manufactured from approximately 4,000 kg garlic - 1 kg essential garlic oil. 

Small capsule - major content!

We extract from the raw garlic - Alliin + Alliinase = Allicin
(In the production of an impressive range of approximately 19 highly concentrated active agents.)  
Strongus contains 2.1 mg essential garlic oil and 270 mg garlic oil macerate and is thus something special in your pharmacy.  

The active ingredients of essential garlic oil reach all organs of the body, in order to exert their effects beyond a local effect in the intestinal, however, which is also of great value. This double action - locally in the intestine and after taking the blood hroughout the body - is the basis of effects of the essential garlic oil and explains its diversity.

Strongus works against 4 main causes, which can lead to a damage and thus to premature aging and to the narrowing of blood vessels; this can lead to the obturation of the blood vessels:
         - atherosclerosis
         - Sticking together of blood platelets, 
         - Formation of blood clots in the vessel wall,  
         - poor blood flow to the heart muscle.  

The sensitive active agents of Strongus are protected against the aggressive hydrochloric acid. These active agenst are set free only in the small intestine for the absorption into the bloodstream.

Strongus – MY HEART

Think of your cholesterol diet. Think of your
general hardening of the arterie. Think
of the consequences of the blood
circulation disturbances.

I am about as large as your fist. I stand as
a circulating pump in the center of your
circulatory system. I pump fresh,
oxygen-containing blood to the body
organs, where oxygen, nutrients, minerals, Vitamine and enzymes are transferred to
all your 70 trillion cells and carbon dioxide and cinder materials are taken up. In the lungs your blood is reloaded with oxygen. Therefore, each cigarette gives me a pain. Because nicotine binds more oxygen than your red blood cells are able to.

Thus it can lead to substantial blood circulation disturbances. My vessel walls may not be restricted also by storage of various substances (general hardening of the arteries). If this vessel constriction has reached a certain degree, may lead to blockage, you may feel pain in your chest and heart (angina and cardialgia).  You see , I should not shrink or fail in my performance.  

Many highly effective, highly concentrated natural materials work against the four main causes, which can lead to the A rterial plaque and damages and thus to premature aging and narrowing of blood vessels, which can lead up to the vascular obliteration. STRONGUS is thus highly   recommended also to the smokers!

Your safety in the pharmacy

  • A standardized, enteric, sugar-free capsule.
  • Daily cost only 0.19 €
  • only 1 x capsule daily before going to bed
  • Strongus - with a concentrated garlic power

Strongus-The garlic capsule

High dose of garlic capsule with highly concentrated essential garlic oil, which contains 19 garlic active ingredients
Drug-Telegram 11/98
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