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The high dose of Diallyldisulfid in Strongus activates the Glutathion-S-Transferase, which plays an important role at the time of detoxification.

The high dose of Ailyl methyl trisulfid in  Strongus restrains anti-platelets already in concentration of 3 µM (=adherence of blood platelets), better than ASA. The Strongus capsule is substantial hydrochloric acid, so that each stomach-sensitive patient can take Strongus.

Unlike garlic - here at a  pH-value from 1.5 to 5  in the stomach, the AIliinase enzyme becomes inactive and thus no AIlicin is formed. Garlic does not affect many people. In accordance with the complete inactivation of AIliinase at acidic pH values, the popular recommendation is that garlic be taken on an empty stomach also at low pH values, in order to avoid an odor nuisance. Through the pH-denaturation of Ailiinase, the implementation of the odor Ailiins in the sweet Ailicin and in the garlic ingredients is stopped by fresh garlic.  

Since the pH value of the empty stomach is between  pH 1.5 to 2  and is assumed after the ingestion of food depending on the type and volume of the meal pH values of maximum  pH 5, complete inactivation of AIliinase is expected in the passage of the stomach. This applies especially when taking garlic powder during interdigestive phase (= digesting).

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The native enzyme Alliinase is present in the active form in garlic and garlic dry powder. This enzyme causes the transformation of the amino acid AIliin into AIlicin, from which sulfur-containing garlic active agent develops. AIlicin is not an active substance. (Stiftung Warentest writes in its edition 8/98: "Allicin is not directly responsible for therapeutic effect.")  

For garlic preparations, different quantity of garlic is required, for example:

1 kg garlic for 1 kg garlic oil macerate 1:1 
3 kg garlic for 1 kg dry powder
4,000 kg garlic for 1 kg  pure essential garlic oil. 

During the production of the essential garlic oil, the reaction AIliin - AIliinase is precipitated with hot water vapour; it originates also in the production of Allicin. Firstly, AIlicin develops in the stomach with garlic + garlic dry powder. In the production, we extract up to 19 garlic active substances from AIlicin by reactions, which are there in the essential garlic oil. Composition: 1 capsule contains 2.1 mg essential garlic oil as well as 270 mg  oily excerpt from garlic bulbs.

Required text:
Strongus garlic capsules
for the prevention of age-related vascular changes and for supporting dietary measures for increasing blood lipid levels. For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.  

Strongus-The garlic capsule

High dose of garlic capsule with highly concentrated essential garlic oil, which contains 19 garlic active ingredients
Drug-Telegram 11/98
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