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Cholesterol Risk
Cholesterol Reducers
Salmon Oil Omega 3
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Cholesterol Risk

Cholesterol Risk – what lowers it?
Dry garlic powder– No
Salmon oil – Omega 3 – No
Essential garlic oil – Yes
Only Strongus has essential oil of garlic

We were warned against showing this advertisement. We were told not to show the advertisement any longer. A complaint was lodged against this advertisement with the district court of Coburg .

The request was to punish us with 250,000. - EURO per violation - failing which, six months imprisonment.

The complaint was taken back after three months – since the statements were correct.
The product information on Kwai forte (which is only accessible to doctors and pharmacicts) reads:
“ Blood fat-lowering effect of garlic dry powder could not be found in recent studies”.

Since years, companies promoting dry powder with a cholesterol-lowering effect, which does not exist. This concerns Kwai forte, Kyolic, Dr. Böhm, Ilja Rogoff and all other dry garlic powder products.

Visualize it yourself:

Kwai forte is approved in Germany at a dosage of 3 x 300 mg per day.

The same product is sold in

Austria : 1 x 300 mg per day
USA : 1 x 300 mg per day
England : 1 x 300 mg per day
Greece : 1 x 300 mg per day
Finland : 1 x 300 mg per day

Ilja Rogoff
Germany : 3 x 50 mg per day

Please keep all these things in mind before buying!

Strongus-The garlic capsule

High dose of garlic capsule with highly concentrated essential garlic oil, which contains 19 garlic active ingredients
Drug-Telegram 11/98
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