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Cholesterol Reducers

'Diallyl disulfide' – the main active agent in Strongus

Prof. Dr. Rolf Gebhardt of the University of Tübingen wrote in the journal Natur und Medizin 2/2006:

Diallyl disulfide has the strongest effect, which affects the controlled substance in such a way that the cholesterol production is controlled down in the liver.The cholesterol-reducing pharmaceuticals act like wrenches thrown into the gears in contrast to the diallyl disulfide with its careful throttling: They act everywhere where cholesterol is needed in the body. They completely block the formation of cholesterol and prevent the formation of important side-products - they function in the entire body –testes, adrenal glands, hair and muscles are massively bothered - On the other hand, diallyl disulphide works only at the center of the formation of cholesterol i.e the liver. The effect of diallyldisulphide in the Strongus capsule is gentle and specific.

Strongus acts against:

      - Cholesterol and Triglyceride
      - high blood pressure
      - bad blood circulation
      - agglutination of the blood platelets
      - helps removal of heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium, etc.

It guards against stroke, heart attack and embolism.

      - Especially for Diabetics

Strongus-The garlic capsule

High dose of garlic capsule with highly concentrated essential garlic oil, which contains 19 garlic active ingredients
Drug-Telegram 11/98
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