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Active Agents of Garlic
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Active Agents of Garlic

Dry garlic powder and fresh garlic
(Products such as Kwai forte, Kyolic, Dr.Bohm, Ilja Rogoff, etc)
Average dose: 1350 mg / day

3-4 garlic active agents are produced. 

Fig.1: Dry Garlic Powder


Garlic Maceration
(Products such as Doppelherz, Sanhelios, Klosterfrau, etc)
It produces 6 garlic active agents

Average dose:  4000 mg/day

Fig. 2: Garlic Maceration


Pure essential oil of garlic
(-Strongus garlic capsules-)

Edited by:  Heinrich P. Koch,PH.D., M.Pharm.Professor of Pharmaceutical ,Chemistry and Biopharmaceutics, University of Vienna (Austria),University of Cincinnati (USA)
Ø19<active garlic agents. 
Average dose:  2 mg/day

Intake: Only one capsule before going to bed!

Fig. 3: Essential garlic oil
(Source: Prof. Koch, Wien Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (German pharmacist Newspaper) 1999)

Strongus-The garlic capsule

High dose of garlic capsule with highly concentrated essential garlic oil, which contains 19 garlic active ingredients
Drug-Telegram 11/98
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